Peaceful Character Education Foundation (PCEF) - ( is pleased to announce its upcoming 2018 PAVE Reach-Out Program, a yearly program which is fixed always on 12th of February. PAVE which stands for "People Against Violent Examples"; a coalition of people (volunteers) from all walks of life across the globe, who stands against any form of violence. The campaign is aimed at educating and creating awareness of not viewing violent acts or scenes on TV and/or not engaging in any form of violence for one day.  

The Peaceful Character Education Foundation (PCEF) is very much grateful to all who made the choice of spending their valuable time to attend our just ended Peace in Ghana 2016 and Beyond Campaign launch which was marked by a Peace Walk through some principal streets of Accra and the Launch itself held at the Teachers (GNAT) Hall in Accra.

The Peace In Ghana 2016 and beyond Campaign is a campaign for a peaceful elections in 2016 which is made up of a Community of People who support Peace In Ghana in 2016 and beyond. This campaign is primarily championed by the Peaceful Character Education Foundation (PCEF), with the support of other NGO's.


As citizens of Ghana it is important for us to live in a country of peace and tranquility. This peace must be realised in all facets of our life, at all levels of our social fabric and in all our institutions including our homes, schools, workplaces and places of worship.


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